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Welcome from Head of Programming!

Each day, students across the United States gather in community programs to learn music. The programs, aimed at building pathways and growing life skills for young people through the pursuit of music, are largely fueled by talented Teaching Artists (TAs), many from Schools of Music and Conservatories around the world.

Our organizations are built to grow and support our flowering children; but what about fortifying and strengthening the flower’s roots? The TAs, who work day after day with our young people, need tending and care. It is my hope that the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) can be a place where teachers are trained, supported and guided along their teaching paths. In turn, we encourage our students to blossom into excellent musicians, prepared for success in all of their endeavors.

Through TATI programming, we can explore valuable skills, teaching frameworks and mindsets so that TAs can be even more successful in their music classrooms. The most successful teachers are forward thinking, quick to pivot and eager to reflect, always in service of their students’ growth and future. Through the LAB series, regional practicums, retreats, and newsletters we’ll engage with education experts and use our collective knowledge and expertise to elevate the entire Teaching Artist field.

I’m looking forward to growing a countrywide root system of Teaching Artists well-equipped and eager to work with our deserving young people.


Jessica Zweig
TATI Head of Programming

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