Teaching Artist Training at the Miami Springs Middle School

16 Dec: What is your Teaching Philosophy?

As teachers, most of us know the why behind our choice to step into a classroom and take on the influential role of teacher. We may be driven by a desire to share our own positive experiences of learning music, or perhaps want to shift the status quo to provide opportunities that were not available to us as children. However, knowing our why is just the beginning to defining a full Teaching Philosophy.

14 Jul: How Can We Be Sure

Our aim is to help our students make steady progress toward their goals, whatever they may be. But, how do we assess our own progress? How can we be sure that we are refining our teaching practice for the betterment of ourselves and our students?

01 Dec: Welcome from the Head of Programming!

Each day, students across the United States gather in community programs to learn music. The programs, aimed at building pathways and growing life skills for young people through the pursuit of music, are largely fueled by talented Teaching Artists (TAs), many from Schools of Music and Conservatories around the world.