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The Lab Cohort program is the signature training program of the Teaching Artists Training Institute, bringing together up to 60 Teaching Artists each year to learn, collaborate, and reflect on their teaching practice. Over the course of nine months, cohort members learn from expert clinicians in live zoom sessions on topics focused in Planning and Preparation, Instruction and Support, and Cultural Equity and Inclusion. Cohort members incorporate the newly learned tools and strategies into their classroom teaching, before convening with a small peer discussion group to discuss and reflect together.


Total graduated Cohort members

Since 2020, TATI has supported more than 250 Teaching Artists.

training program

60 passionate Teaching Artists

Live, interactive lectures from experts in the field

Small discussion sections for dedicated reflection time

Curated curriculum focused on current, culturally-relevant topics

Task-based activities tailored to the lives of busy teachers

Intensive week-long capstone Learning Retreat

Program cost

All accepted Cohort Members receive a full program scholarship valued at $2,500. The Lab Cohort program includes registration for one Regional Practicum. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the Cohort member.

program commitment

9 month program with bi-weekly live meetings; 36 hours of live instruction and discussion, combined with 18 hours of self-paced application and reflection; optional two-day in-person conveneings Oct-May; weeklong in-person Capstone Learning Retreat held June 22-28, 2025.


week 1: lab lecture

Each month begins with a live, 2 hour virtual lecture from an expert in the field, centered on the month’s topic. Lectures are designed to be highly-interactive and technique focused, incorporating opportunities for reflection, peer collaboration, and strategic thinking.

week 2: Classroom Application

Following each Lab lecture, Cohort Members are tasked with implementing 2-3 new teaching strategies in their own classrooms. During this week, Cohort Members also have the opportunity to either observe another Teaching Artist in their home program, or to be observed by a peer Teaching Artist or supervisor.

week 3: Peer Discussion Groups

Cohort Members gather monthly in live discussion groups with a small set of peers, led by TATI Cohort Alumni. Over the span of two hours, Cohort Members breakdown lingering questions and topics from the month’s lecture, and compare successes and challenges related to implementation of the new strategies. Cohort Members also observe 1-2 teaching videos, recorded monthly by peers, and engage in sharing critical feedback with their peers.

week 4: Self-reflection and evaluation

At the end of each month, TATI provides Cohort Members with questions for reflection regarding the new content learned, application of strategies, and takeaways from peer conversations. Additionally, Cohort Members are provided with self-evaluation forms to track their monthly growth and success as a Teaching Artist.


Cohort nominations are accepted from current supervisors of interested Teaching Artists. After review of each nomination, qualifying Teaching Artists are invited to apply for the Lab Cohort program. Up to 60 Teaching Artists are accepted to the Lab Cohort. Teaching Artists are accepted to the Cohort based on alignment with TATI’s Core Values and a demonstrated interest in deepening their teaching expertise. The average Cohort member has 2-4 years teaching experience with a community music program.


March 15th

Nominations Open (Supervisors only)

Invitation to Apply

rolling, sent within 2 weeks of receiving a nomination (Teaching Artists)

May 10th

Early Decision Application Deadline (Teaching Artists)

June 3rd

Early Decisions Shared

Nominations and applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis through September 3rd. Teaching Artists are strongly encouraged to apply early, as the Cohort is expected to fill up.

September 3rd

Deadline to Apply

September 13th

2nd Round Decisions Shared

September 30th

Mandatory Program Orientation

October 7th/8th

Lab Cohort Program Begins

Are you a Teaching Artist interested in applying for the 2025 Lab Cohort? Share the information with your direct supervisor and ask them to nominate you! Once your nomination is reviewed, you’ll receive an invitation to apply.


TATI’s Lab Cohort Program is open to any Teaching Artist currently working with an El Sistema-inspired or community music program. These Teaching Artists teach primarily group classes to students in Grades K-12 and demonstrate a commitment to TATI’s Core Values:

  • Passionate about social change through music.
  • Personal commitment to social justice and anti-racist practices.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated curiosity and eagerness to learn and reflect.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with colleagues.


Thanks to generous private funders, each Lab Cohort member receives a full tuition scholarship (valued at $2,500 per person).

Absolutely! TATI typically accepts 3-4 Teaching Artists per organization to the Lab Cohort each year.

TATI asks each Cohort member to commit to 4 hours per month of live Zoom sessions, held on the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month from October-June. In addition, Cohort members can expect ~2 hours per month of self-paced pre and post-work implementing and reflecting on new strategies.

The early apply deadline for nominations is April 29, 2024. Early apply applications are due May 10, 2024.

Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis through August 21, 2024. Upon receiving a nomination, TATI will send an invitation to apply to eligible Teaching Artists. All applications must be received by September 5, 2024.

Decision notifications will be shared no later than September 11.