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Southwest Regional Practicum February 21-22, 2024


The Southwest Regional Practicum is designed to convene Teaching Artists from El Sistema-inspired and community music programs across the Southwest, including Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Over two full days in-person, participants gain new skills and tools that directly support the continued growth of their teaching practice as they hear from expert clinicians, reflect together through collaborative conversations, observe teaching artistry in real-time, and build a network of peer Teaching Artists. 

We look forward to meeting you February 21-22 2024 at the Southwest Regional Practicum in Dallas, TX hosted by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Young Musicians Program.

About the Host organization

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kim Noltemy Young Musicians Program is inspired by and based on El Sistema. As arts advocates, they not only prioritize a rigorous musical education for our students, but also recognize the social responsibility they must provide equitable opportunities for all regardless of social or financial position. Young Musicians prioritizes social/emotional learning and teach the whole person, not just the musician.

Modeled by El Sistema principles, the Young Musicians Program approaches orchestral music instruction during childhood and youth as a vehicle to shape the character and social development of our students. By participating in their program, students develop sensitivity, love of work, and begin to understand the importance of individual and collective efforts to achieve excellence.

The Kim Noltemy Young Musicans Program will guide their youth using the fundamental principles of El Sistema, including diligence, cooperation, community and parent involvement, and an optimistic vision for the future. El Sistema empowers their youth to understand their own inherent value while bringing the individual, family, and community together through the beauty and power of music.

featured clinician


practicum WORKSHOPS

CORE FOCUS: Classroom Management and Student Engagement

Effective classroom management strategies are often based on the notion of Culturally Responsive Care: Holding students to high expectations (their best) and caring about students as individuals (person and performance). This workshop will explore the balance between high expectations and high care for students, and the role of meticulous planning in supporting all students to engage in the classroom. Participants in this workshop will learn about practical elements such as:

  • Fostering a safe and activated learning environment and classroom culture
  • Understand the importance of healthy relationships as the basis of effective management
  • Intentional classroom setup and procedure development
  • Teaching, practicing, and maintaining classroom procedures
  • Teaching strategies that incorporate less “teacher-talk” and greater student action
  • Able to effectively incorporate non-verbal classroom management strategies (body language, use of space, eye contact, use of attention and responses)


Participants will learn how to incorporate various students’ individual learning styles and needs into their class plans, and explore how to create multiple access points for students to engage with class content and repertoire. Learning how to think through how to ensure every student is engaged and can accomplish levels of success in each class may be a key component of this lens. 

sample schedule

Day 1

9:00 – 10:00              Breakfast and Opening Session

10:00 – 12:00            Workshop #1

12:00 – 1:00               Lunch

1:00 – 3:00                 Workshop #2

3:00 – 5:00                 Young Musicians Program Site Visit and Teaching                                              Observations

6:30 – 8:30                 Regional Networking Social

Day 2

9:00 – 10:00              Breakfast

10:00 – 12:00            Observation Feedback

12:00 – 1:00               Lunch

1:00 – 5:00                 Workshops # 3 and 4

5:00 – 6:00                 Closing Reflections

Attending the southWEst Regional Practicum

FEBRUARY 21-22, 2024

The TATI Regional Practicums are designed to be intimate, personalized conferences between a committed group of Teaching Artists. By registering for the Southwest Regional Practicum and securing one of these limited spots, you are committing to attend both days in their entirety.

Registration Type

EArly Bird: Now - nov 30

General: DEC 1 - jan 31

General Admission



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TATI Regional Practicum Policies

TATI Regional Practicum Attendance Policy
The TATI Regional Practicums are designed to be small, personalized events with limited seats. As such, by registering for a Regional Practicum, Teaching Artists commit to attend both days in full, typically from 9:00am to 6:00pm. This includes finding necessary substitutes, arranging childcare, rescheduling meetings, etc.

TATI Regional Practicum Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel, you will need to send a written request by the refund deadline of January 10, 2024. You will receive a refund of the registration fee, minus a $25 administrative fee, for each cancelled registration. No refunds will be issued for cancellation requests received after January 10, 2024. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to

travel and lodging

coming soon.

Travel Tips

The Southwest Regional Practicum will primarily be based in the Old South Dallas/Owenwood region of Dallas. Due to the distance between hotels and workshop locations, attendees are strongly recommended to have a car, or to be prepared to use a ride share service. Once at the event, carpooling is always encouraged between site locations.

The 2022 Midwest Regional Practicum "was the perfect balance between breadth and depth. I really enjoyed being challenged to step outside of the daily work and to think deeply and consider new perspectives. It is truly amazing to talk to other teaching artists, see their work, feel inspired, motivated, and renewed."