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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Our Story

Transformational music education starts
with transformational training for teachers


Founded in 2020 by a generous grant from the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, the Teaching Artists Training Institute (TATI) believes that transformational music education starts with transformational training for teachers. TATI works to equip Teaching Artists of El Sistema-inspired and community music programs, many of whom come from classical performance backgrounds, with the tools and skills needed to continue improving their teaching practice for the betterment of their students. Through reflection, dialogue, observation and feedback, teachers learn to be their own best coach and critic.

Vision + Goals


A workforce of Teaching Artists throughout the United States that bring the highest level of musical excellence to the classrooms where they teach, demonstrating an equally strong commitment and drive to learning, and refining their pedagogical and teaching craft for the betterment of their students.


TATI seeks to provide music Teaching Artists (TAs) with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase their effectiveness in the classroom and develop a growth mindset to improve their mastery of teaching.

The TATI structure and curriculum is designed to ensure TAs can think critically about the preparation needed to work with students (the what), the execution of this work in the classroom (the how), and the reflection each teacher must do to continue improving their practice, their students’ learning, and benefit the greater "social change through music" movement.


Visioning Team

Mike Angell, Paul. M. Angell Family Foundation
Anna Klimala, Miami Music Project
Stanford Thompson, Play On Philly
Seth Truby, BRAVO Youth Orchestras

Leadership Team

Adam Eccleston, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Stephanie Hsu, Yakima Music en Accion
Thomas Madeja, Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project
Robert Saunders, Miami Music Project
Jessica Zweig, Play On Philly