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TATI provides Professional Development for Teaching Artists, built on high supports and high expectations, so that teachers are equipped to guide students’ learning, based on critical educational philosophies and strategies.

The TATI domains of learning are designed to ensure Teaching Artists can think critically about the preparation needed to work with students (the what), the execution of this work in the classroom (the how) and the reflection each person must undertake to continue strengthening their teaching practice.

TATI Domains of Learning

Values and Philosophy
How do my values effect what and who I choose to pass information to?

Curriculum and Planning
How do I prepare for long-term student success?

Development Continuum
How does a student’s zone of proximal development influence how and what concepts and content I teach?

Pedagogy and Methodology
How do I become technically and musically proficient, while encouraging artistry, consistency, and persistence in my students?

Building Space
What creates safe learning spaces and how do my personal values, experiences, and biases impact my classroom and students?

Student Engagement
What tools and strategies can I use to support and increase student-led learning?